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The Sound of Our Town  

A History of Boston Rock & Roll
(Commonwealth Editions)

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THE SOUND OF OUR TOWN is the first comprehensive history of Boston rock and roll, from the streetcorner doo-woppers in the 50s to the beachside ballrooms and the psychedelic halls of the 60s, the sweaty heyday of the Rat and the Channel, the 70s superstar era and the 90s indie-rock goldrush. New interviews with Aerosmith, Mission of Burma, the Cars' Ric Ocasek, the Pixies' Frank Black, the Dresden Dolls and many other local luminaries. Rare photos, gig flyers and memorabilia.

"This book makes the Boston scene come alive and will send you on a quest to hear the soundtrack."
-- Oedipus, Boston radio legend
"Brett Milano has been caring about music for decades now--no small feat. He is worth listening to, as is the music whose story he tells here. My beloved Boston scene...I miss it like hell. So kind of Brett to take us back there for a while."
-- Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses
"Brett's been such a long-standing poetic bystander of the Boston rock scene that this book flows like ecstatic feedback, with all the tasteful screeches, kerrangs and harmonics that mark a true believer."
-- Amanda Palmer, The Dresden Dolls
"Like a savvy cabbie navigating a Big Dig traffic jam, Brett Milano deftly and determinedly tunnels through the half-century maze that is Boston rock. It's all here, as lively, crazy and unpredictable as a night at the Rat."
--Jeff Tamarkin, author of Got a Revolution! The Turbulent Flight of Jefferson Airplane
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